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My Philosophy!
To enable new parents have a positive memorable experience, a relaxed, informative and  happy event, should that be as a natural birth or with the support of medical intervention. I am not there to pass judgement or make decisions but to inform and support the decisions being made.

'I won't replace your midwife, I won't replace your loved one, I won't make your decisions and I will not judge your decisions. BUT I will be your friend, i will support you, I will laugh with you and I may even cry with you. I will be an experienced birth friend with you every step of the way x '
"having someone present who trusts in the birth process, who wants nothing more than for the mother to have a positive birth experience and, at the same time, understands that there is a place and time for medical interventions, will radiate confidence onto the labouring woman. This will help stop the fear and anxiety cycle that so often spirals out of control." (the Doula advantage, Gurevich.R)

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